Sportiness has never been conveyed in such an extraordinary manner in your own home. With a puristic design, but a special touch, RECARO Silverstone displays dynamic contours and the loop headrest inspired by racing sports.
No cinema in the world offers you seating on specifically tailored upholstery. The RECARO Cinema Center offers maximum film pleasure and a unique experience, thanks to distinct dimensions. Experts say: „Cinema at its best!“
The combination of ergonomic technology and first-class comfort in an elegant form language. Flowing lines and the concave, fully-embracing backrest give you firm support and indicate that you are in good hands.
The stylish sportiness promises a unique relaxing experience. An elegant design with defined, body-supporting contours invites you to a unique seating experience. The high level of convenience stands up to any test.
For everybody who makes high demands in terms of soft and comfortable seating. With a soft look and ergonomic features, including in the headrest: The headrest is continously adjustable – as in cars. With fancy leather upholstery covers – exquisite enjoyment.

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